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My WealthPartner Bespoke

My WealthPartner Bespoke

Discretionary investment, tailored to you

Suited to former Partners who no longer need to maintain their investments within PwC’s independence rules.

The Bespoke service provides a truly personal and customised investment service to help protect and grow your wealth, whilst also accommodating your circumstances, objectives, attitude and capacity for risk. Via your own investment manager, you will have access to a highly qualified and seasoned investment professional with experience of guiding clients and their portfolios through different market conditions. Investment managers are supported by our in-house dedicated global securities research team, and by our experts in tax-efficient and specialist investments.

This service can be used alongside and in addition to the Financial Review and Advice services.

Benefits of the Bespoke service

  • Tailored – your investment portfolio, built entirely for you to meet your needs and to reflect your own preferences towards ethical matters, target income yield, tax crystallisation, trusts and timing commitments when investing from cash

  • Active and responsive – ongoing active investment management via your own highly qualified and seasoned investment professional so your portfolio can respond to market and economic conditions

  • PwC knowledge – your Close Brothers investment manager will understand PwC, Partners, former Partners and your needs

Fees and charges

There is a minimum investment level to access this service of £500,000.

The fees will depend on your specific needs, the underlying investments in your portfolio and the complexity of the work involved. The fees agreed for former PwC Partners are as follows:

Amount invested with Close Brothers My WealthPartner Bespoke investment management annual charge
£500,001 to £1 million 0.90%
£1 million to £2 million 0.80%
From £2 million 0.70%

Also, as part of the service to My WealthPartner clients, there is a cap on fees if you take advice, custody and investment services from Close Brothers. This cap is shown in the table below and applies to the ongoing advice fee, annual investment management charge and the custody and administration charges.

There can be additional costs for investment management in addition to the annual management charge and the total cost will vary depending on which investments are used. Please note that VAT has to be charged for investment management and advice on discretionary managed portfolios. Full details of all charges will be discussed with you and set out in a comprehensive report before you take up any of our services.

Amount invested with Close Brothers Integrated wealth management fee cap (annual charge)
Up to £500,000 1.20%
£500,001 to £1 million 1.20%
£1 million to £2 million 1.10%
From £2 million 0.90%

Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.