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Welcome to My WealthPartner for PwC

Two great organisations, one professional service

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The Close Brothers Asset Management team has gone to great lengths to understand our organisation, our independence requirements and our Partners. I am confident that My WealthPartner will provide a superb professional service for PwC Partners for life.
Matthew Thorogood, Head of Partner Office, PwC

Working closely with PwC, we have created a range of services for PwC Partners* that is designed to help you and your family at every stage of your career – from the moment you become a Partner, to leaving the firm, retirement and beyond. It has been specifically designed to cater for your financial needs and your independence requirements at competitive fees available to PwC Partners and your families.

The four services that form My WealthPartner complement each other and, as your needs and preferences change, you can move easily between them, putting you in complete control of your financial planning needs. For some guidance on which of these services may be best suited to you, see below.

What's more, you can always call upon a dedicated team of professionals at Close Brothers who understand PwC, your benefits, your independence restrictions and other relevant PwC policies, and most importantly, you.

*My WealthPartner is available to PwC UK current Partners and former Partners, their spouses or spousal equivalent, as well as their dependent children. These are the individuals referred to whenever we refer to Partners throughout this site. Dependent children over 18 years of age are eligible to register for their own account, whereas, those with parental responsibility for a child under 18 will be able to register for a Junior ISA account (JISA) on their child’s behalf.

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Register for our do-it-yourself online service here. Suitable for Partners who want to make their own decisions without advice.
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Our dedicated team is there to help you at each stage of your career and beyond. Lines are open 08:00–18:00 Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can email us

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