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Our approach

Find out more about our team of highly experienced specialists leading the way to financial wellness

With over 50 years workplace financial wellbeing experience, we have worked with every type of organisation, all employee demographics and a wide range of pensions and benefits. We know first-hand that one size doesn’t fit all, so have developed an extensive range of financial wellbeing services that suit all businesses, every need and every budget.

Our approach starts with a conversation so we can understand your organisation, and where you and your people are on your financial wellbeing journeys. A simple but important process, we can usually get a good idea of what’s needed and next steps in less than an hour.

Organisations all have different starting points, so our team is well versed in starting from scratch, taking over from previous providers or working with other providers to ensure a clear and joined up approach.

"What makes us stand out from the crowd? Excellent knowledge, understanding and the feedback from our employees has been incredible.”

Health and Wellbeing Consultant - education

Holistic financial wellbeing which links in with our own company benefits.”

Reward and Benefits Manager - legal,


Financial wellbeing that works

We design our services to ensure they make a real difference to your employees’ financial wellbeing.

A fundamental part of managing our financial wellbeing programmes is to collect and review extensive data and MI. This insight is used to monitor programme effectiveness and to inform continuous service improvements

Our results speak for themselves:



Employees **

Net Promoter Score +91 +83
Service satisfaction 94% 94%
Would recommend to others 95%


What makes the service stand out from the crowd?

“I would not hesitate to recommend Close Brothers to other companies looking to make a real impact with their financial wellbeing programmes.”

Reward partner, aerospace and defence

“The personalisation and deep knowledge of the organisation and our employees.”

Pension and policy lead, oil and gas

“Excellent seminar. Very engaging speakers. Extremely knowledgeable on all subjects. Picked up a lot of very good advice and tips.”

“Really hit the mark for me. Confirmed the knowledge I already knew and gave me lots of other elements to think about.

* Our Workplace Financial Wellbeing Service client survey 2023

** 2023 Workplace wellbeing event feedback

Our clients

Hundreds of the UK’s best-known employers have trusted us to deliver financial wellbeing services to their employees for more than 50 years.

Working with every type of organisation, all employee demographics and a range of different starting points when it comes to their financial wellbeing strategy, we know one size doesn’t fit all.

Organisations choose our services year on year because we deliver financial wellbeing programmes that make a difference. They value: our holistic, end-to-end financial wellbeing services; that our services are inclusive and personalised; our expertise and the quality of our delivery; and that we are impact driven focusing on driving real change for their employees.

Our clients tell us that they value the way in which we respect client confidentiality, and keep their names between ourselves.

Thought leaders

As the longest standing provider of workplace financial wellbeing services in the UK, we have been at the forefront of the evolution of workplace financial wellbeing for more than 50 years. We have seen an explosion in the number of providers aligning their services to financial wellbeing and we have seen trends come and go.

For some providers, financial wellbeing is a badge behind which their own service sits. With the explosion in fintech, others can offer a financial wellbeing service almost overnight with little workplace experience, expertise or credentials.

While some providers rely on opacity within the nuanced world of financial wellbeing, we seek to provide clarity and clear direction. Our regular research aims to give organisations access to independent, detailed insight into what’s truly happening in the UK’s workplaces and with employee financial wellbeing. Read our latest research 


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How we can help

A service to suit all businesses

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