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Direct investment service document library

Execution only investment instruction

172.3KB | pdf | size

Instruct us to place investments on your bahalf


Switch or move investments form

124.2KB | pdf | size

Switch or transfer investments within your portfolios


Switch or move investments form (personal representatives)

120.1KB | pdf | size

For personal representatives to switch or transfer investments within a portfolio


Cash withdrawal request

118.3KB | pdf | size

Withdraw funds from your account


Cash withdrawal request (personal representatives)

74.1KB | pdf | size

For personal representatives to request a withdrawal from an account


Bank account nomination and evidence

59.7KB | pdf | size

Add or change bank account information


Regular payments request

138.4KB | pdf | size

Set up or amend regular payments or investment instruction


Stocks and Shares ISA account opening form

1.1MB | pdf | size

Open an ISA


Investment Account opening form

352.8KB | pdf | size

Open an Investment account


SIPP account opening form

1.3MB | pdf | size

Open a SIPP


SIPP contribution form

760.1KB | pdf | size

Make personal or employer pension contributions


Close SIPP benefit form

339.9KB | pdf | size

Request withdrawals from your pension


ISA transfer form

1.1MB | pdf | size

Transfer an ISA to us


SIPP transfer form

190.3KB | pdf | size

Transfer a SIPP to us


Investment account transfer form

138.6KB | pdf | size

Transfer an Investement account to us


APS allowance form

751.9KB | pdf | size

Apply for Additional Permitted Subscription allowance on behalf of a spouse or spouse equivalent


Direct services factsheet

57.3KB | pdf | size

Compare our services


CBAM Terms and Conditions

847.3KB | pdf | size

These terms and conditions apply to new clients who signed up after 1 November 2023, and shall apply to all other clients with effect from 2 January 2024.


Guide to using DocuSign

1.3MB | pdf | size


Send your forms to us by

  • Email - send to us at from your registered email address
  • Post - send to us at ‘Freepost CBAM Online Investor Support’
  • Signing online - We work with DocuSign to enable you to sign documents electronically in a secure way. Contact us by email or phone if you would like to sign online.

Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.