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Workplace financial wellbeing

Services that make a real difference

Trusted support to help your employees improve their financial fitness.

Financial wellbeing is now a mainstay on HR, reward, benefits and wellbeing agendas. Widely accepted as a core component of overall employee wellbeing, financial health is a key dependency for mental wellbeing, and providing support to employees is an important tool for talent acquisition and retention, productivity and business performance.

With over 50 years’ workplace financial wellbeing experience, we have worked with every type of organisation, all employee demographics and a wide range of pension and benefits. We know first-hand that one size doesn’t fit all, so have developed an extensive range of financial wellbeing services that suits all businesses, every need and every budget.

Bespoke Financial Wellbeing Service
All of our services wrapped into one, with programmes, content, communications and delivery all specifically tailored to you and your needs
Online Financial Wellbeing Service
Online-only, 365/24/7 access to the same valued content available through our other services
Retirement services
Services designed to get people ready for retirement and to support them to retire well, creating smooth and positive transitions for your organisation and retirees
Workplace Mortgage Advice Service
A service, independent of any lender, where we research the whole of the mortgage market to find the right mortgage for your employees
Services for senior people
Services tailored to supporting those people who typically have more complex financial circumstances and needs and who are time-poor
Global Financial Wellbeing Service
A service delivering financial education to ensure the basics are in place and a consistent and comparable measure of financial fitness

Why choose us 

Our financial wellbeing services work.

Every year our financial wellbeing programmes support over half a million employees to understand their finances, make improvements and reduce money worries.

For us, improving the financial wellbeing of employees is not new; it has been the single aim of our workplace financial wellbeing experts for over 50 years and is core to our purpose as a business.

We know that financial health will only improve when individuals take action. Our programmes are designed to evaluate, inform, inspire, guide and support employees to understand and take control of their finances. Our Workplace Financial Wellbeing Services empower employees to make the most of their workplace benefits and to build financial resilience and confidence so that they make better-informed financial decisions throughout their lives.
Organisations choose our services for their employees year on year because they value:

Financial education, guidance, advice and investment solutions from hire to retire, spanning all workplace benefits and all areas of personal finance and delivered face-to-face, online and via web with multi-channel communications

Programmes that are designed to meet each organisation’s financial wellbeing needs for every employee, and to reflect all workplace benefits and culture

Half a century of client experience and best practice delivered by a client-focused team of knowledgeable, credible and friendly experts

An organisation’s financial fitness is key to shaping the design and evolution of their employee programmes. We diagnose, measure and monitor financial wellbeing so we can demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of our services

Our content is designed and delivered by our own regulated, practising and experienced financial planners. This ensures outstanding technical competence and an acute understanding of clients’ needs and experiences, and breathes life into everything we do

Improving financial wellbeing requires action, and action comes from raising financial awareness and confidence and enabling access to guidance and advice, as and when it’s needed. We design our services to give employees what they need to make a real difference to their financial wellbeing

Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.