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Close Select Global Equity Fund

The Close Strategic Alpha Fund was restructured on 30 June 2023 and renamed as the Close Select Global Equity Fund.

Details of the restructured/renamed fund can be found in the “Portfolio” and “Sustainable” sections of this website.


Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)


Latest report and accounts

Annual long report

258.4KB | pdf | size


Interim long report

190.7KB | pdf | size


Note: As part of a restructuring exercise completed on 30 June 2023, the Fund changed its name from Close Strategic Alpha Fund to Close Select Global Equity Fund. Details of the restructuring can be found in the “Fund Actions” section of this website.

Application form

Terms and conditions

CBAM Terms and Conditions

847.3KB | pdf | size

These terms and conditions apply to new clients who signed up after 1 November 2023, and shall apply to all other clients with effect from 2 January 2024.


Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.