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Financial wellbeing - the employee view

For both individuals and employers, the costs of poor financial wellbeing are all too quantifiable. Yet for many organisations, financial security is a missing element of their wellbeing strategy. Close Brothers are proud to partner with the CIPD, exploring financial wellbeing in the workplace from both employer and employee perspectives. Download the research below.

The missing piece of wellbeing strategies

The findings are clear, with 25% of employees stating that financial concerns affect the ability to do their job and 19% reporting lost sleep due to worrying about money, there is clearly need for more guidance.

Providing staff with support so they are more in control of their finances aids overall wellbeing, helping reduce stress levels and creating a happier and more productive workforce.

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Financial wellbeing - research insights

Jeanette Makings, Head of Financial Education at Close Brothers, and Dr Lynda Shaw, a business psychologist, explore the link between financial concerns and wellbeing in the workplace.

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