Pension and retirement planning

With longevity increasing, your wealth may have to provide you and your spouse or partner with an adequate income for 30 or even 40 years. Recent changes to pensions also mean you now have much more freedom and flexibility over how to take your benefits; whether as tax-free cash, buying an income for life, leaving your pension fund invested while drawing an income, or a combination of all these options.

Decisions about retirement need to be made carefully and with full knowledge of the facts and an appreciation of any risks you are taking with your capital. Whether you are just starting to save for your retirement, have decisions to make on your pension arrangements or need advice on how best to take an income in retirement, our financial planners are there to help you at all stages. By looking at any costs, current performance, risk levels and pension benefits – we can aim to ensure you make the right decisions and avoid any costly errors. We also ensure your retirement plan is structured in the most tax-efficient way and is flexible enough to adapt as your circumstances, and tax rules, change.

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A smarter solution to your income needs

Intelligent Retirement is our retirement advice service which combines financial planning, a choice of income solutions and our proven investment management skills. It offers a co-ordinated approach to meeting your requirements throughout retirement – however long that might be – while managing risks to your capital.

Through one of our financial planners, Intelligent Retirement takes an in-depth, 360° view of your needs, assessing different income scenarios, life expectancies, market assumptions, projected growth rates and appetite for risk and needs. Our sophisticated financial planning tools enable us to advise which solution is right for your objectives and retirement goals.

It includes:

  • An annuity advice service that ensures you get the annuity that is right for you.
  • A range of income funds where income can be taken from the natural yield of the investment.
  • A range of Glide Paths that provide an opportunity for capital growth to help savings last longer, whilst providing flexible access to provide income. They are diversified multi-asset solutions that actively adjust over time, investing in higher risk assets in the early years and then gradually de-risking as you move through retirement.

The way these solutions work together will depend on your circumstances, needs and finances; all of which are likely to change as you get older. As these changes occur, your income strategy should be flexible enough to accommodate them. With Intelligent Retirement, you can be confident that it will be.

Our free guide can help to explain:

Retirement planning guide

Retirement planning guide

The importance of investing – and making the right choices

ISAs, SIPPs, funds and how they can work as part of your strategy

How to set a realistic target for your retirement age and how to make it happen

Annual and lifetime allowances

How the new rules on drawdown affect you

Your income choices at retirement

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