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The Close Inheritance Tax Service is now administered in our Northwich office. Please post all correspondence to:

IFA Team
Close Brothers Asset Management
Nelson House,
Gadbrook Business Centre,
Gadbrook Road,

Forms and instructions for new applications


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Investment Research Policy

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Terms and Conditions for clients of Intermediaries

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These terms and conditions apply to new clients who signed up after 1 November 2023, and shall apply to all other clients with effect from 2 January 2024.


CITS application form

We have an application form for sole investors and a separate application form for joint investors. The address on the application must be that belonging to the client(s) and not a POA. If a client is in a care home, then we will require proof from the care home in the form of an invoice or a letter on their headed paper.

Consent to using your personal data

The client and any POA’s must consent to Close Brothers collecting, processing and storing Special Category personal data. Please ensure the client/POA has read the document entitled ‘Consent to using your personal data’ and ticked the box in section 6 – Declaration (by applicant) in the CITS application form. If consent is not provided then we may not be able to proceed with your application.

Adviser charging agreement

To be completed and signed by the client/POA if we are to facilitate an initial and/or ongoing fee. Initial advice fees are paid to SJP on 20th of each month and ongoing advice fees are paid every 6 months: Jan – Jun paid in July and July to December paid in January

Anti-money laundering (AML)
Acceptable AML documents are original or certified copies of:

a) Current UK Passport or Current UK Photo Driving Licence and b) Utility bill less than 3 months old (not including a mobile phone bill) or A completed Confirmation of Verification of Identity

Withholding tax

To minimise the withholding tax on any dividends received from US holdings held within their CITS portfolio, we will require one of the following documents:

  • Current UK Passport - an inked certified copy
  • Current UK Photo Driving Licence – an inked certified copy
  • W-8BEN – must be completed with the American date format of YYYY/DD/MM and country as ‘United Kingdom’ and not ‘UK’

*Please note we require these documents specifically for the reduction of withholding tax and not for AML purposes.

Power of attorneys (POA)

We will require sight of the original POA document or an inked certified copy. For new clients the POA must include the below wording or something to a similar affect:

"My attorney(s) may transfer my investments into a discretionary management scheme. Or, if I already had investments in a discretionary management scheme before I lost capacity to make financial decisions, I want the scheme to continue. I understand in both cases that managers of the scheme will make investment decisions and my investments will be held in their names or the names of their nominees."


We will require sight of the original Trust document or an inked certified copy.

Sending the money

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to accept payments by cheque unfortunately. All payments will need to be made via electronic transfer and we will contact you with the bank details after we have received the application and set up the account. We will also confirm the reference which needs to be quoted on the payment.

It can take up to 6 months to fully invest the portfolio.


Important information

The service is not a capital protection service and your capital is at risk. The service is dependent on relevant tax legislation remaining in force. For a fuller disclosure of the risks you should read the Close Brothers Asset Management Terms and Conditions and CITS application form.

Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.