We have kept one thing in mind throughout the design of this service – the very specific requirements of PwC Partners.

Whether you are focused on accumulating wealth or generating income, we give you everything you need to choose and manage your own investments, with solutions to suit you and your family at each stage of your life. 

Choose from an extensive range of investments including managed funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), UK stocks and shares, UK Government bonds (gilts) and investment trusts. We also offer fixed term deposits (FTDs) at competitive rates from Close Brothers Savings. You can hold your investments in an ISA or Investment Account.

The My WealthPartner Online service is for UK residents only and registrations must be completed by the sole applicant. Those based overseas may be eligible for our My WealthPartner Advice or Bespoke services and eligibility will be reviewed upon enquiry.

Dependent children over 18 years of age are eligible to register for their own account. If you have parental responsibility for a child under 18, you will be able to open a Junior ISA (JISA) on your child’s behalf during your own registration application, or alternatively, you can open a JISA at a later time by downloading the application form from the account opening page, once registered.

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Our dedicated team is there to help you at each stage of your career and beyond. You can contact them using the number below or by emailing pwcsupport@closebrothers.com.

0800 028 8960

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Uniquely PwC


  • Access to a wide range of funds, fixed term deposits and direct investments in UK equities, gilts and exchange traded funds (ETFs), so you have an extensive range of investments to choose from*
  • Giving you the choice of holding your investments in both general investment accounts and an ISA account
  • Take advantage of access to online tools and insights and analysis from our in-house investment specialists

*Capital at risk


  • Simple account opening to help you get investing quickly and easily
  • Once registered, you can transfer existing investments to us in order to conveniently view and manage your portfolios in one place
  • A single-view dashboard that allows you to view your PwC Partner SIPP and view other externally held assets you may wish to add, alongside managing your Close Brothers Asset Management investments
  • The capacity to trade online from a core fund list, that is consistent with the fund choices in the PwC Partner SIPP 


  • A hassle-free way to help ensure your personal investments are compliant, with automated, online independence checking through Checkpoint Support
  • Annual independence reconciliation reporting to assist you in staying on top of your independence requirements

Open a My WealthPartner Online account

Access your existing online account

Transfer to us

You do not need to sell your holdings in order to transfer them to us.

Once registered, you can transfer your existing investments to us. Simply download the appropriate transfer form from the portal and complete with details of your existing provider and the investments you are looking to transfer. We will keep you updated of the progress of your transfer via notifications in your online Document Library.

In-specie transfers will simply transfer your assets from your existing provider to us. If you are unsure about whether or not we are able to accept your investments, you can either use our ‘Search Investments’ tool on the portal to look up your holdings or you can contact the My WealthPartner Support Team if you require any assistance.

Cash transfers will sell your holdings to provide you with cash proceeds, although, you will be out of the market during this time and so not exposed to any gains or losses. You may also wish to speak to a financial adviser to discuss any tax implications associated with this type of transfer.

Investment search

If you're thinking about transferring existing investments to us or are curious to see what investment options are available online, you can search the list here.

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All investments carry risk. Their value will go up and down and you may get back less than invested. No advice will be provided by this service; all decisions, and the responsibility for them, are your own.

Please note, for debit card payments, there is a single transaction limit of £99,999 as part of the system fraud prevention measures. If you experience any issues with your payment, please contact the support team on 0800 028 8960.

In this section

Stocks and Shares ISA

Stocks and Shares ISA

A Stocks & Shares ISA is a straightforward, flexible way to invest, completely free of income tax or capital gains tax.

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Junior ISA

A JISA lets you build the right investment portfolio whilst sheltering any returns from Capital Gains and Income tax.

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Investment accounts

An investment account lets you invest in managed funds, UK stocks and shares, gilts, and ETFs.

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Ready-made portfolios

A ready-made portfolio is a combination of different investments, which are grouped together in one fund.

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Investment research and analysis

Investment research and analysis

Take advantage of our expertise and view our in-house research, analysis and insights, designed to be easy-to-understand for experienced investors or if you're just getting started.

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Fees and charges

Our fees are clear, competitive and easy to understand.

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Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.