What's beyond the pandemic?

Economic conditions have recovered significantly since the onset of the pandemic - surveys point to economic expansion in developed and emerging economies and social restrictions have been relaxed in many countries.

In the last 18 months, how effective (or not) a country's health policy is, was the dominant driver of economic activity. Now, it's time to broaden our attention to other themes we think will have a powerful impact on markets.

Read on for our thoughts on inflation, Chinese economic policy and growth, and rapidly changing opportunities and risks in cryptocurrency, medical science and the response to climate change.

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Up, up and away?

Inflation has surged in 2021. The US saw the highest readings since the 1980s and the UK has also seen a rise, and it's likely not over yet. 

We explore the causes of the surges in inflation, how long we expect it to last and how central bankers might respond.


Changing China

As the world's second largest economy, China is a powerful driver of global growth. Changes to its growth and policies have a big impact globally. 

We explore the nature and impact of Chinese policy reform, the five year 'common prosperity' economic plan and what this might mean for the rest of the world.  

Accelerating change

Developments in several key areas have accelerated during the 18 months, either as a result of, or in parallel to, the pandemic. 

We focus on the significant changes seen in cryptocurrencies, medical science and climate change - all of which present opportunities and challenges for investors. 



The impact of the pandemic continues to be felt globally. We've explored the themes and changes that we think will continue to produce investment opportunities and risks. 

While higher inflation readings and the spectre of monetary tightening are likely to continue to weigh on bonds, we continue to like equities with long-term structural growth advantages at reasonable valuations.

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