At the heart of our service is our investment expertise

We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions, designed to meet your client's goals

Our investment expertise is based on institutional disciplines, a firm belief in the value of active management, a strong and principled culture and a diversified, multi-asset approach. Every investor, irrespective of the amount they invest, benefits from the same rigorous, disciplined, institutional-quality approach. We are always focused on the objectives – whether that’s growing capital, generating income or planning for the next generation.


  • Experienced investment management team taking a collegial approach, to create portfolios of our best ideas
  • Access to a wide range of asset classes including shares, bonds, cash and alternative investments
  • Simple, transparent fee structure
  • Industry award-winning services 

Our propositions can be managed within offshore bonds, SIPPs and ISAs, across a wide range of platforms and companies.

Would you like our dedicated and experienced managers to look after your client's investments?

Our team will make all the day-to-day investment decisions for your client, whether they invest for income, growth or a blend of both. All our portfolios contain investments that are researched and monitored on an ongoing basis, that are actively managed and that reflect the strategic views of our highly experienced investment team.

Meet our investment team

Close Discretionary Funds

Award winning fund range that includes Funds of direct investments, Funds of funds and Funds of passive instruments. Available for clients who have £10,000 or more to invest.

Managed Portfolio Service

Segregated portfolios that invest in third party funds. Available for clients who have £30,000 or more to invest.

Discretionary Management Service

Segregated portfolios, investing directly and through third party funds and passive instruments. Available for clients who have £100,000 or more to invest.

Close Inheritance Tax Service

CITS a simple, transparent, cost effective service which could help you to optimise your client's IHT position. Suitable if your client has £50,000 or more to invest.

Discretionary Management Service - Bespoke service

Our Bespoke service is customised to meet the needs of our high net worth clients. Our service is tailored to meet your client's unique and individual needs. Available for clients who have £1 million or more to invest and require direct access to a portfolio manager.

Discretionary Management Service

We believe consistent long-term out-performance is best derived from global, multi-asset class portfolios. Our large and experienced team of investment managers and analysts work together to source the best ideas in each asset class and across different geographies. The investment managers use these ideas as the building blocks of the portfolios and then tailor them to meet the suitability and differing requirements of our diverse client base.

Our portfolios include direct investments in shares, bonds and real assets as well as third party funds and passive instruments in each asset class. In selecting the appropriate instrument we consider cost, currency protection, on-the-ground expertise and diversity.

Our multi-asset class portfolios give exposure to wide variety of opportunities and help to manage risk within portfolios. All our clients have different risk profiles and objectives which we are happy to accommodate. Your client's portfolio will be aligned with a suitable risk strategy and we are happy to accommodate income payments, ethical preferences and tax considerations to suit their needs. Risk profile is reviewed on a rolling basis to ensure we reflect any changes in their circumstances and to offer reassurance.

In addition to accommodating stock specific ethical preferences, we also run fully ethical portfolios which allow your clients to meet their investment objectives while engaging with their ethical and moral views. We have partnered with Ethical Screening, whose rigorous research and analysis of company activities helps us determine whether or not a stock meets certain ethical criteria.

We provide annual tax packs and can tailor reporting to meet your client's requirements. We also offer online access to their portfolio valuation and reports. Strong, risk-adjusted performance and client service are equally important in achieving good client outcomes; we strive to achieve both.

If you would like to find out more about the Discretionary Management Service. Please feel free to call or email us for any enquiries you may have.

Discretionary Management Service – Bespoke service

Our Bespoke service is customised to meet the needs of our high net worth clients with in excess of £1 million to invest, who are looking for a higher degree of customisation, and require direct access to a dedicated investment manager. Whether a private client, charity, trustee or a family office, our Bespoke service is tailored to meet your client's unique and individual needs. We are stewards of wealth and strive to achieve the highest level of confidence in every aspect of our service.

Our understanding of your client's needs, goals and circumstances is at the centre of our Bespoke service. Bespoke portfolios can accommodate the full range of individual needs – from any ongoing requirements to draw a regular income, to tax considerations, timing issues, inheritance and any ethical restrictions. Our Bespoke service aims to represent your client's financial interests as if they were our own and to develop long standing relationships with them, their family and their Professional Advisers. We place a high degree of importance on efficient administration combined with clear and reliable reporting, to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of service. Our investment managers will work closely with your client and their advisers to ensure that they understand their portfolio requirements and that our flexible approach adapts as their personal circumstances evolve.

Through a suitability review with investors, our investment managers establish the appropriate risk profile and preference for income and capital growth. We have internal guidelines for each risk tolerance, but we can also accommodate wider risk bands within a given risk profile, if agreed with the investor. All of this is implemented by a dedicated investment manager, who truly understands a client’s specific needs.

Our Bespoke investment managers work together as part of the overall investment team to combine their knowledge and capabilities through our investment process, whilst maintaining autonomy to meet your client's individual requirements. Each portfolio manager is responsible for a limited number of clients which means that your client will have a direct relationship with the person managing their investments.

Managed Portfolio Service

The Managed Portfolio Service includes four distinct strategies, each with its own risk profile and performance objective. Choosing to focus on income, growth, or a blend of both. For added flexibility, your clients can switch between the portfolios as their requirements change. 

All of the portfolios are well diversified by both geography and asset class, offering what we believe is the optimal mix of equity, fixed income and alternative type funds to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns. Asset classes perform differently at various points in the economic cycle so investing across a range of assets gives you exposure to a wider set of opportunities while also reducing risk.

Our investment team works in partnership with our research team to select the best risk-rated funds to perform well in a given environment. The team has a successful track record and benefits from institutional-level research capabilities. Selecting the right managers is a complex process and the research team have developed a proprietary risk-grading system for fund selection. This 'Close Score' monitors manager and fund performance and enables us to deliver institutional-level manager research.

Close Discretionary Funds

We offer a range of funds with different risk and return profiles. These are pooled vehicles and are available in three forms. Available for clients who have £1,000 or more to invest.

  • Close Portfolio Funds - Invested primarily in individual securities, underpinned by our research and security selection expertise.

  • Close Managed Funds - Our multi-manager range, which is invested in third-party active funds, underpinned by our active manager selection process.

  • Close Tactical Select Passive Funds - Invested in cost-efficient passive instruments, underpinned by our disciplined passive security selection process.

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Close Inheritance Tax Service (CITS)

Helping clients grow and preserve their legacy

In the 2015/16 tax year, more than £4.6 billion was paid in Inheritance Tax (IHT)1. With a little forethought, much of this money could have been left to beneficiaries instead.

CITS gives a simple, transparent, cost effective way to optimise your client's IHT position after as little as two years, without the need for complex and costly legal arrangements, by utilising Business Property Relief (BPR).

We introduced the service in 2001 and currently manage portfolios for over 1,000 clients.

So how does it work?

If you buy shares in investments that fully qualify for BPR at least two years before your death, and still hold the shares at time of death, that portion of your assets will be exempt from IHT.

CITS could be suitable if your client has £50,000 or more in cash that they do not need for income or other short-term requirements. This solution aims to grow and preserve capital, but the client must be ready to accept high risk and high volatility. There is no guarantee the expected outcome will be achieved and results may vary substantially over time.

Please note that, due to the higher risks involved with these investments, CITS is only available through a qualified financial adviser.

The service invests in shares listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) markets. In order to reduce risk, we aim to build a diverse portfolio of well-managed companies with the potential to deliver good returns over a two to five-year period.

CITS uses widely accepted tax reliefs that are clearly outlined by HMRC. Clients can keep control of their capital and can access it should their circumstances change, although this will mean giving up the IHT benefits.

For more detailed information

Important information
CITS is not a capital protection service and the capital is at risk. The service is dependent on relevant tax legislation remaining in force. For a full disclosure of the risks, read Appendix A in the Client Agreement.

Source: HMRC: HMRC Tax & NIC receipts

  • CITS factsheet

    CITS is an AIM-and ISDX-based investment solution providing accelerated relief from Inheritance tax (IHT) utilising Business Property Relief (BPR).
    View download
  • CITS brochure

    If, on your death, the value of your estate – everything you possess and own outright, including your home – exceeds £325,000* (£650,000 for married couples and civil partners) then every penny over that amount could be subject to 40 per cent Inheritance Tax (IHT).
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  • CITS Sales Aid

    A simple solution to a complex problem
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