Autumn Budget 2018

The Chancellor has suggested that "austerity is coming to an end - but discipline will remain" in the latest Budget announcement. Read more of the main announcements in our summary.

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Updated for 2018: Retirement planning guide

Financial wellbeing in retirement is important. Download our free guide designed to help you understand your options and start preparing for the retirement you want.

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Updated: Inheritance Tax and estate planning guide

We have updated our free guide on IHT: the main exemptions, the reliefs, the importance of making a will and more.

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The importance of planning

It’s often been said, ‘to fail to plan, is to plan to fail’. In today’s frenetic and complex world, a clear financial plan is essential. Working with you, we can find solutions to some of life’s big financial questions:

  • What’s the most tax-efficient way to invest?
  • How quickly can I pay off my mortgage?
  • Is my portfolio working as hard as it could?
  • Can I invest for growth while preserving my capital?
  • How do I get the retirement I really want?
  • What's the best way to pass wealth on to my family?

By creating a route map for your financial journey, your dedicated financial planner can help you navigate volatile markets and keep you firmly on track to achieve your financial objectives.

Why choose us?


As part of the Close Brothers Group, established in 1878, we belong to a firm with deep roots, a proud heritage and a history of helping people plan and invest for their future.

Long-term focus 

Our approach is prudent, conservative, thoughtful. Investment markets will go through good and bad periods, but our philosophy and disciplined process have stood the test of time so far.

Financial advice 

Our financial planners work from 8 offices across the UK, delivering award-winning financial planning and advice, which is tailored to fit your needs. We offer a relationship with an adviser either face-to-face, or over the phone via our Telephone Advice Service.

Investment expertise 

Your financial plan sets out what you want to achieve. Our investment solutions are the engine that propels you there. Your relationship with us will also include access to our experience investment professionals, who will work with your financial planner, under one roof, to implement your complete financial plan.

Personal service 

To us, you will never be just a customer. You will have a strong, personal relationship with your adviser, which is built on trust, respect and a clear understanding, keeping you informed at all times. No matter how much or how little you invest, we treat every penny as if it were our own. 

For further information or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced advisers please call or email us.


We are proud to have received numerous industry awards for our financial planning and advice service, including 'Financial Advisor Team of the Year' at the STEP Private Client Awards 2015/16.


Face-to-face planning and advice

  • Financial planning and investment expertise - Our integrated approach

    What can you expect when you come to us seeking financial advice? We will gather information about your personal and financial situation, including any existing assets and investments, as well as your objectives. Whether you're accumulating wealth or generating income, your financial planner will work with you to build a sound, flexible strategy to meet your goals.
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5-step planning process


The first step is meeting with a financial planner to help them understand what matters most to you, as well as to discuss your circumstances, attitude and capacity for risk, and your future aspirations. 


To develop a tailored integrated plan that best meets your needs, we look at your current financial position and the goals you wish to achieve. With this information, we then agree with you the services that we will provide and the fees we will charge.


Once your personal financial plan has been prepared, we will discuss it with you to ensure you understand and agree with our recommendations before we proceed any further.  


We will implement your personal financial plan, drawing on the comprehensive support team from across our business.


We will regularly review and adapt your personal financial plan with you. This is to ensure that your goals evolve with lifetime events.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced advisers please call or email us.

Telephone Advice Service

Our Telephone Advice Service provides professional financial planning advice, delivered by a team of qualified and experienced financial planners. This approach is suited to clients who prefer the convenience and flexibility of seeking financial advice without needing to meet their financial planner in person. Our financial planners offer our full advice and financial planning service, including saving and investing for the first time, investment portfolio reviews, planning for retirement, protection and Inheritance Tax planning.

As the service is delivered remotely, all meetings are arranged at a time that suits you, helping to ensure we deliver on our promise of providing a convenient experience to all our clients. You will be provided with a dedicated financial planner, who you can contact over the phone or by email, and who will gain a thorough understanding of your needs and build a long term relationship with you.

We provide advice in exactly the same way as we would if we were to meet you in person. We follow the same 5 step process, which enables us to provide expert advice that is right for your individual circumstances.

Contact us now for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a financial planner on: 

0330 123 9437

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Pension & retirement planning

With longevity increasing, your wealth may have to provide you and your spouse or partner with an adequate income for 30 or even 40 years. Recent changes to pensions also mean you now have much more freedom and flexibility over how to take your benefits; whether as tax-free cash, buying an income for life, leaving your pension fund invested while drawing an income, or a combination of all these options.

Decisions about retirement need to be made carefully and with full knowledge of the facts. Errors can be costly and could seriously affect your quality of life in later years. It's essential to have a sound plan that delivers the retirement you want, without exposing your money to unnecessary tax, and that is flexible enough to adapt as your circumstances change.

We can explain:

  • The importance of investing – and making the right choices
  • How the UK Government can help you to save
  • ISAs, SIPPs, funds and how they can work as part of your strategy
  • How to set a realistic target for your retirement age and how to make it happen
  • Annual and lifetime allowances
  • How the new rules on drawdown affect you
  • Your income choices at retirement
  • How to help the next generation through effective Estate Planning


Retired couple

Retirement planning guide

Our free guide has been designed to help you understand your options and to plan for your retirement in the best way. With so many investment and pension choices available, it can seem difficult to know what to do – but, with retirement potentially lasting for many years, it really is important to start preparing now in order to get the retirement you want.
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For further information or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced advisers please call or email us.

Estate planning

It’s a complex, often perplexing subject; dependent on individual circumstances and ever changing tax rules, but we can make everything clear, enabling you to make the right decisions for your and your family’s future.

Our free guide includes:

  • IHT basics
  • The main exemptions and reliefs that can reduce IHT
  • Tax-efficient investments
  • How to shelter assets from IHT in just two years
  • Why you must make a will
  • The tax-planning opportunities available to you




Inheritance Tax and estate planning guide

Download your free guide to Inheritance Tax and estate planning by entering your details.

Access our Inheritance Tax and estate planning guides

For further information or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced advisers please call or email us.

Protecting your finances

These guides aim to help you make informed choices on how to protect your finances if the unexpected should happen, such as being unable to work due to poor health.

Our free guides include:

  • The most important factors to consider when arranging protection insurance
  • Which protection needs to prioritise
  • How to maintain an income when sick or seriously ill
  • Ways to protect your family on your death



Protecting your family and your business guides

Download our guides to protecting your family or the guide to protecting your business by simply entering your details. 

Download the guide to
protecting your family 
           Download the guide to
protecting your business

For further information or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced advisers please call or email us.

Investment planning

An investment plan helps you invest more effectively. It ensures your portfolio is properly diversified, you are not exposed to unnecessary risk, and that any future investments are aligned with your objectives.

And it all starts with some fundamental questions:

  • What level of return do you want to aim for?
  • How long are you investing for?
  • How comfortable are you with risk and volatility?
The right investment plan will take into account your personal feelings and priorities to arrive at a solution that aims to deliver the outcomes you want.

This could include:  

  • Managed funds
  • Discretionary and managed portfolios
  • Passive investments
  • Direct investments in stocks and shares
  • ISAs
  • SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions)
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes
  • Venture Capital Trusts
Investment planning


We will explain the benefits and disadvantages of each option and discuss ways to ensure your portfolio stays on track to meet your goals. Our aim is to give you the confidence to invest for the long term, knowing your money is working hard for you.

For further information or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced advisers please call or email us.


A fully-advised, telephone-based mortgage broking service

Getting a mortgage in today’s market can be complicated and extremely stressful. It’s no longer just a matter of interest rates – lenders must now consider a much wider range of criteria before granting a mortgage, which makes finding the best provider and the right product a real challenge.

Under the new regulations, most people will have to get formal advice in order to be considered for a mortgage. But with many banks and building societies still struggling to train or recruit enough advisers, getting an appointment can involve long delays – a serious disadvantage when you need to move fast.

Our mortgage service can help you arrange the funding you need and put you in the best possible position to get the home you really want. We are completely independent of any lender, but have relationships with those who understand the differing circumstances of our range of clients.

We will support you throughout the process, by:
  • Focusing on your situation and needs
  • Researching the mortgage market to find the best solutions
  • Applying on your behalf, and taking care of all the paperwork
  • Keeping you, your solicitor and lender informed at all times
  • Contacting you before the end of any tie-in period

Our experience means we can help if you are self-employed, have irregular income streams or other complex needs. We also specialise in buy-to-let and offset mortgages. Our mortgage advisers not only research the market to find the right solutions. They also have full financial planning expertise, and can provide advice that takes into account your broader financial circumstances and priorities.

Contact us now for a complimentary, no-obligation conversation with a specialist on: 

03442 640 705

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Please be aware your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage
or loan secured on it. 

  • The latest mortgage news

    The mortgage advice service team produce regular updates to keep you up-to-date with the mortgage market news. Click to download now to find out the latest.
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