Founding partner of The WealthiHer Network

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We are proud to be a founding partner of The WealthiHer Network.

Having launched on International Women’s Day this year, The WealthiHer Network is a group of change agents from the world of finance who have come together to champion female investors, entrepreneurs and clients and celebrate the diversity of women’s wealth.

In May, the Network published its inaugural WealthiHer Report Understanding the diversity of women’s wealth. The report was the UK’s biggest ever study into the female experience of wealth and the finance industry created to provide a blueprint for change. The study showed that 72.5% of women believe they have a different investment style and attitude to men, and that women want more openness, more education, more women in finance and a more personalised service.

Download the report here

In the coming months, the Network will be focusing its attention on developing strategies that deliver against the findings, including developing tool kits for change and leading the charge to promote social impact investing and engagement (67 per cent of women in the report felt social impact was of high importance when considering where to invest).

Nancy Curtin, Chief Investment Officer, said: “WealthiHer’s ground-breaking report confirms many of our suspicions. In many cases, women’s attitude to wealth and investing differs to men’s, and there is still work to be done to break down the barriers preventing women from engaging with the financial services industry.”

The WealthiHer Network Co-Founder and entrepreneur Tamara Gillian said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have Close Brothers Asset Management as a founding partner of The WealthiHer Network. Together we want to change the industry to work better for women. Because an industry that works better for women, works better for everyone.”



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