Pharmaceuticals: Pensions engagement

Pharmaceuticals: Pensions engagement
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An excellent partnership…very professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

The ask

  • Our client had recognised that their final salary pension scheme was not sustainable and decided to consult on closing it
  • They recognised that this decision could cause worry and stress among employees
  • The trustees had already prepared comprehensive information for employees
  • However, they recognised that pension information can be complex and difficult to understand
  • Our client wanted to ensure that employees fully understood the information so they could make an informed decision
  • Impartial education and an independent voice was very important to our client to help employees decide for themselves

The aims

  • Provide peace of mind by explaining to employees exactly what these changes meant for them
  • Bring the issue to life with live forums and Q&A
  • Enable employees to book and attend events easily
  • Ensure our delivery met the very high standards set by the client

Our actions

  • Designed bespoke content addressing the change, reasons why, what this meant for employees, the new defined contribution pension and explained the actions required by colleagues
  • Delivered a programme of live webinars to give employees the opportunity for Q&A
  • Employees given the opportunity to share their concerns and questions
  • Webinars recorded for those unable to attend


  • Over 1,900 employees booked to attend a live webinar – 38% of their workforce
  • Demand for our webinars was so high, we added additional sessions, both pre- and post-consultation
  • We received 588 questions from employees about the changes. These were fed back to the client in order to include within their consultation process
  • Employee feedback on webinars: "very clear and easy to understand, questions were well handled." “Thank you so much for answering my questions”
  • Our client was delighted - they felt our independent voice allowed employees to receive an unbiased message about the changes and options, and helped to allay concerns about the process
  • Feedback on Close Brothers from our client's senior rewards team "an excellent partnership…very professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with"
  • This exercise was so successful it led to a wider financial education programme, helping their colleagues to raise financial awareness and how to use their employee benefits to support and improve their wellbeing

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