Launching financial wellbeing through a pandemic

Launching financial wellbeing through a pandemic
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The support has been fantastic. Close Brothers' team have been amazing throughout launch and first quarter. Very much considered part of the team!

The ask

  • Our client knew that their financial wellbeing offering wasn’t as strong as their other wellbeing pillars. They wanted to focus on driving financial awareness with an independent voice
  • They were concerned about introducing another provider, as they already had other benefit providers in place. The new financial wellbeing offering had to work with their new benefits portal with its own wellbeing brand, with no confusion or disruption
  • The launch strategy had to be adapted to the needs of a workforce who had transitioned to remote working due to Covid-19
  • The pandemic also meant that the programme launch had to be done entirely virtually

The aims

  • Engage employees with their financial wellbeing
  • Increase their confidence and understanding on important financial topics that are relevant to them
  • Give employees access to a tailored financial education hub including bespoke materials, to sit within the existing flexible benefits platform
  • Deliver live seminars and webinars across all career stages, presented by qualified and regulated in-house advisers
  • Create a suite of topic-based educational materials
  • Provide targeted support for ex-pats and those affected by pension/ organisational restructuring exercises
  • Raise awareness of existing company benefits, such as pension schemes and share plans

Our actions

  • We worked collaboratively with the client to design and implement an employee survey to assess financial wellbeing and particular areas of need
  • Created a fresh bespoke engagement campaign in line with the client’s wellbeing brand and launched as part of a Financial Wellbeing Week. This included teaser emails, daily competition, screensavers, webinars and animated videos
  • Launched a bespoke financial wellbeing eLearning hub sitting within the client’s flex system. This included a financial wellbeing health check, bite-size videos, on-demand webinars and a series of live webinars and seminars for employees to book onto via the tailored booking portal
  • Set up a dedicated financial wellbeing mailbox and helpline for individual employee enquiries
  • Sent personalised ‘stay in the loop’ email nudges tailored to individual circumstances, enabling employees to keep up to date with new content, events and important reminders throughout the calendar year


  • Over 2,000 employees booked on all events between October and December 2020
  • 85% recommended the programme
  • 85% overall satisfaction
  • 73% increased confidence to act

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