Expecting the unexpected

A spotlight on preparing for a crisis

What effect has the pandemic had on employee attitudes and behaviours in order to financially position themselves to better weather the unexpected?

Household income has recently been put under unprecedented strain, with millions of workers losing jobs, taking pay cuts, or working fewer hours. With little reduction in the ‘fixed costs’ of living, having an emergency pot has never been more important. However, at the same time, there have also been some workers who have been able to use the time at home to save more money, take a new look at their budget, and get closer to their financial goals.

Building on the previous success and insight from the 2020 Changing Trends of Financial Wellbeing report, the aim of this research was to further explore and highlight the role of UK employees being financially prepared, and in particular, the effect the pandemic has had on attitudes and behaviours to financially position themselves to better weather the unexpected.

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