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Our bespoke investment management service offers charities a unique blend of experience, integrity, service and investment expertise

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As a trustee of a charity, one of your primary concerns is to ensure that the organisation’s money, and the income or growth it generates, is carefully managed and invested in an appropriate way.

Our bespoke investment management service has been built with the needs of clients at its core. It is designed to offer a responsible and trusted service that provides complete peace of mind. We believe in providing trustees with complete clarity on our performance in an easily understood manner. We have the flexibility to benchmark our performance against relevant indices where required, including inflation, and composite and peer group benchmarks. We can provide records of our historic performance on request.

Our core work is to provide the clarity and clear direction that helps trustees manage their resources and invest more effectively
Our mission

Our philosophy

Our guiding principle is that the optimal, long-term risk adjusted returns are best derived from research driven, well diversified, actively managed, multi-asset portfolios.



Our investment process


We will meet with you to gain a full understanding of your needs


The charity’s objectives and financial circumstances



The structure and nature of the charity’s funds (restricted/unrestricted)



The charity’s business model/sources of income and capital



ESG and SRI considerations



The charity’s cashflow



Risk appetite



Investment objectives and capacity for loss



Objectives in conjunction with any other professional advisers and/or consultants you work with


Identify your optimal investment strategy


Help you create a Statement of Investment Policy, if required



Discuss a suitable strategic asset allocation to meet your investment objectives



Define the measure of success (benchmark or a target return, e.g. inflation plus)



Outline investment parameters/risk tolerance


Construct and manage your portfolio using active asset allocation


Active deployment of capital.



We adapt the agreed asset allocation with our current investment views to create a tactical asset allocation



Diversification across asset classes, geographies, sectors, companies and investment themes



Access to a broad range of investment types including direct equities and funds, fixed income, property and private equity funds, precious metals and commodities, and hedge funds


Ongoing performance, risk monitoring and communication


Daily risk monitoring of the investment portfolio through our Risk Management System (RMS)


Quarterly performance reviews and report


Internal peer group review


Your reporting requirements; frequency and format


Meetings to review our performance and the suitability of your investment strategy, as well as any change in your requirements


Access to our online investment portal, where you can view your investment portfolio at any time

Supporting your due diligence

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Our high-quality, research-driven service provides real value for money and is delivered by experienced charity investment managers working in teams. In this brochure you can read more about what we do and how we do it.

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Learn more about our service
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