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In today’s frenetic and complex world, a clear financial plan is essential. We can help you by taking a holistic approach to your financial future, which combines tailored, personalised advice and planning with investment solutions designed to help you achieve your future goals. 

You’ll benefit from a genuine ‘team effort’ - with our financial planners working hand in hand with our investment specialists – making sure your advice and plan are constantly monitored  - and that your investments are doing exactly what they need to. Whatever your specific requirements, our financial planners  offer you the benefit of all of their experience and expertise – whether you are looking for a ‘one-off’ solution or continuing support on a recurring basis. 

Working with you, we can find solutions to some of life’s big financial questions:

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  • What’s the most tax-efficient way to invest?
  • Are my pension arrangements right for me?
  • Is my portfolio working as hard as it could?
  • Can I invest for growth while preserving my capital?
  • How do I get the retirement I really want?
  • What's the best way to pass wealth on to my family?

Many solutions will involve capital at risk products. Tax rules can change and any benefits will depend on your individual circumstances.

As one of the few firms able to provide a complete financial planning and investment service, you benefit from impartial and sound advice based on insight, experience and technical expertise. Our award winning service (STEP Financial Advisor Team of the Year 2015/16) is available through a face to face relationship or over the telephone through our Telephone Advice Service.    

"Always provided me with first class advice, always available to help if required, professional and friendly service".
Client quote, 2016 Close Brothers advised client survey.

5-step planning process



The first step is meeting with a financial planner to help them understand what matters most to you, as well as to discuss your circumstances, attitude and capacity for risk, and your future aspirations.



To develop a tailored integrated plan that best meets your needs, we look at your current financial position and the goals you wish to achieve. With this information, we then agree with you the services that we will provide and the fees we will charge.



Once your personal financial plan has been prepared, we will discuss it with you to ensure you understand and agree with our recommendations before we proceed any further.



We will implement your personal financial plan, drawing on the comprehensive support team from across our business.



We will regularly review and adapt your personal financial plan with you. This is to ensure that your goals evolve with lifetime events.

Why choose us?


As part of the Close Brothers Group, established in 1878, we belong to a firm with deep roots, a proud heritage and a history of helping people plan and invest for their future.

Long-term focus

Our approach is prudent, conservative, and thoughtful. Investment markets will go through good and bad periods, but our philosophy and disciplined process have stood the test of time so far.

Financial advice

Our financial planners work from 8 offices across the UK, delivering award-winning financial planning and advice, which is tailored to fit your needs. We offer a relationship with an adviser either face-to-face, or over the phone via our Telephone Advice Service.

Investment expertise

Your financial plan sets out what you want to achieve. Our investment solutions are the engine that propels you there. Your relationship with us will also include access to our experience investment professionals, who will work with your financial planner, under one roof, to implement your complete financial plan.

Personal service

To us, you will never be just a customer. You will have a strong, personal relationship with your adviser, which is built on trust, respect and a clear understanding, keeping you informed at all times. No matter how much or how little you invest, we treat every penny as if it were our own.

"Our adviser is very approachable and responds to any queries and questions effectively. Information received is clear and concise. He is understanding of our circumstances and makes a technically complicated subject, to the layman, more straightforward."
Client quote, 2016 Close Brothers advised client survey

Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.