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Socially Responsible Investment Service

A range of portfolios that invest in global businesses with real concern and respect for wider ESG issues.

What our Socially Responsible Investment Service offers

We listen very carefully to what clients say about how they would like to invest. Increasingly, they are telling us that they want their investments to help build a more sustainable future, as well as generate a financial return.

That’s why we introduced our range of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios. Our SRI portfolios aim to maximise long-term profits by investing in global businesses with real concern and respect for wider social, environmental and economic issues.

Our SRI portfolios typically invest in forward looking companies that are creating solutions to tackle global problems.

There is significant evidence that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are important indicators of risk. Investors who consider these factors in the selection of investments can potentially see better risk-adjusted returns than the broader market.

By investing in one of our SRI portfolios, your clients will be putting their money into a carefully selected group of sustainable businesses that are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. All investments are made with a view to making a profitable return, but they are also investments which have a net positive impact, which we measure and relay to your clients in a meaningful way.

Money will be invested through a combination of direct shares and third-party funds, constantly reviewed, assessed and approved by our team of dedicated SRI specialists. The portfolios are actively managed within a framework of institutional discipline and a collegial culture. You and your clients will enjoy the highest levels of service from us.

Investment process

Our SRI portfolios are actively managed and well diversified by asset class and geography.

The long-term asset allocation framework has been created with assistance from Moody’s Analytics, a leading provider of financial intelligence and analytical tools, directly aligned with your agreed risk profile. Shorter-term asset allocation moves reflect our views on the current market landscape and provide the opportunity for active management to deliver added value.

  1. Ethical screen

    Apply an ethical screen using MSCI Business Involvement. Screening data, removing companies that do not align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals from our investable universe. Such companies include (but are not limited to) tobacco, armaments and alcohol.

  2. ISS Ethix

    Reference ISS Ethix reports which use controversy analysis to identify severe human rights and environmental protection risks. This review is more subjective compared to a traditional, revenue-based ‘negative screen’. Companies flagged through ISS Ethix require additional research.

  3. ESG score

    Identify companies with the best Environmental, Social and Governance scores using ESG data from MSCI. Each company receives an ESG score from AAA to CCC (best to worst) relative to their global sector peers.

  4. Impact score

    Score companies based on the percentage of revenue aligned with our impact themes:

    - Social Empowerment
    - Environmental Protection
    - Health
    - Economic Advancement

  5. Company selection

    Meticulous company selection based on a combination of ESG and impact scores, combined with rigorous fundamental and valuation analysis.

  6. Regular reviews

    Regular reviews to monitor SRI credentials and operational excellence.

Who can benefit from a SRI portfolio?

Our SRI portfolios are suitable for individuals, families, trusts and charities: in fact, they are ideal for everyone seeking to align their investments with their moral preferences.

More information

Principles for Responsible Investment

The PRI is the world's leading proponent of responsible investment.

As a signatory of the UN-supported PRI we are committed to improving the way we measure, report and manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues throughout our investment activities.

Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.