Chelsea Flower Show

The annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show offers the best in the world of horticulture across design, construction and plant cultivation. Cutting edge garden design and the world’s best nurseries and growers from all over the globe travel to what is recognised as the most important show in gardening and outdoor design. Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors at the show, and viewers across multiple media platforms, are amazed at what they see.

The House Plant Studios at the 2022 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

With the emergence of indoor gardening and its benefits helping to boost mood, reduce fatigue and create improved overall mental wellbeing - it is no wonder that houseplants have become all the rage.
In 2021, RHS introduced several new categories to the Chelsea Flower Show, the House Plant Studios being one of them. The studios offer those specialising in houseplants the opportunity to display the newest form of accessible horticulture.
We are delighted to sponsor the House Plant Studios exhibit at this year’s show. Bringing nature inside and the positive influences that the natural world has on wellbeing – aligns perfectly with our focus on financial wellbeing.

Botanical Rhapsody

In addition to our sponsorship, we have also created our own immersive House Plant Studio, Botanical Rhapsody, with leading landscape and spatial design consultancy – The Edible Bus Stop. Find out more about Botanical Rhapsody – the inspiration, theme and technology behind it.

Our studio

Immerse yourself in nature through sound, vision and touch at our Studio - Botanical Rhapsody

Our houseplants

Our extraordinary houseplants each bring a unique contribution to the studio. Discover more about our plants on display

Our partners

Meet our amazing partners who have made this all possible

Our photos



Ferns of various sizes dress the Shou Sugi Ban exterior while the interiors' material palette makes use of natural elements such as clay, ceramics, metal and cork alongside many upcycled elements. Dynamic lighting within the cabin simulates a day’s cycle.

Silver-gilt medal

Silver-gilt medal

We are were honoured to be awarded a silver-gilt medal by the RHS judges, for Botanical Rhapsody, our immersive houseplant studio with The Edible Bus Stop. Each year judges present medals across the different garden and studio categories, which range between gold, silver-gilt, silver, and bronze.

We are incredibly proud to have won a silver-gilt award for our houseplant studio which centres on humankind’s connection with nature through sound, vision, and touch.

Plant electrodes

Plant eletrodes

Bio-sonification, the bio-rhythms of plants, can be translated into sound. This is achieved via electrodes on the surface of a leaf which measure microcurrent fluctuations, allowing visitors to discover how plants interact with their surroundings and respond to touch.

Natural Symphony

Natural Symphony

We are working with Natural Symphony, the sound designer, to curate our plants' tiny bio-rhythms and interpret them into music. When a plant is touched it responds, which results in a real-time change to the sound of the music created within our studio.


  • 23 May
  • 30 secs

We are working with Natural Symphony to translate the bio-rhythms of plants into sound. Using a technology called bio-sonification, the sound designer measures microcurrent fluctuations occurring across the surface of a leaf and interprets them into music. When a plant is touched it responds, which results in a real-time change to the sound of the music created within our studio, allowing visitors to listen to the invisible and usually inaudible processes occurring within.

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