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Our studio

Working with The Edible Bus Stop, we supported an immersive House Plant Studio centred on humankind’s connection with nature through sound, vision, and touch.

The technology

Botanical Rhapsody presented our innate connection with nature. By employing a technology called bio-sonification, the bio-rhythms of plants were translated into sound. This was achieved by measuring microcurrent fluctuations occurring across the surface of a leaf by attaching electrodes, allowing visitors to listen to the invisible and usually inaudible processes occurring within. Our studio allowed visitors to discover how plants interact with their surroundings and how humans can play a part in a plant’s ‘music’ as they respond to our touch.

The inspiration

Taking initial design inspiration from the Japanese practise of forest bathing ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ we explored mankind’s inherent connection with nature and how being within it improves our mental health and well-being. We invited visitors to enter and escape the madding crowd to be enveloped by the tranquility of plants and let nature’s symphony surround them.

DCD CFS 0272

The theme

Ferns of various sizes dressed the exterior to create the sense of walking in a forest. The cabins’ façade was clad in Shou Sugi Ban, a century’s old Japanese technique of charring timber to provide natural protection and preservation. Its cracked, intense black silky texture helped to highlight and enhance the patina of the wood. The interior material palette made use of natural elements such as clay, ceramics, metal and cork alongside many upcycled elements. Our colour palette was dark and rich with gold providing flashes of illumination and contrast to the lush green foliage. Dynamic lighting within the cabin simulated the changes in light intensity and colour temperature experienced throughout a day’s cycle, tuning into visitors' natural circadian rhythms.

About The Edible Bus Stop

The Edible Bus Stop is a spatial design studio with a focus on creating transformative landscape design for exterior and interior environments. Their approach is driven by a belief in the importance of inviting biophilic places, where people from all walks, or wheels of life can enjoy inclusive design standards and connect with their surroundings. They consider the materials they use carefully, with sustainability driving decisions surrounding procurement and delivery. Their projects’ aims include engendering social cohesion, a sense of belonging, enhancing biodiversity through meaningful, yet playful design.


Your photos

We loved seeing all of the visitor photos from the Chelsea Flower Show 2022 which tagged us or used the hashtags: #BotanicalRhapsody #RHSChelsea #HousePlantStudios

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